Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rant to a very Filthy Thief!

To the drunken fu**s who stole our ceramic sunshine while we were attempting to sleep...I put a fence up to keep as*h***s like you out to begin with.You jumped over the fence, onto our porch and ripped the sunshine off the wires attached to my mailbox. From our upstairs window we watched you and your girlfriend walk away giggling. I hope you got a few pickets in your ass on your trip back over.

I picked the sunshine up in Manchester, UK on my first trip to Europe. I took a day trip to where all of the ceramics are made. It was a one of a kind. The sunshine stands for everything good and positive in life. I will never make it back there again. We will be keeping an eye out for our sunshine and if someone else happens to see it please respond.

Rot in he** you nasty THIEF.

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