Friday, August 31, 2007

Grunge tales of debauchery...

Walked into the Mecca one night for a pint. Our friend
C. was dosed on A, had a painted blue, smurf face
and had just apparently walked back from The Seattle Center,
where he had been lurking around in the trees, frightening tourists.

We saw many free shows at the Paramount in the 80’s – 90’s thanks to our “hommies” who worked as ushers. Most memorable show was the L7 show, where an antarage of long-haired boys in babydoll dresses, came out and danced around. Did I mention
that I love a boy in a dress?

The Tower is deemed the oldest, tallest building in Seattle. While in Art School, my roommate Ms. Slayer, a heavy metal queen, happened to work as an elevator operator there. One forth of July, after a big keg party at our house, we all were invited to the top deck for fireworks viewing. Unfortunately, the elevators were broken and Ms. Slayer’s manager told her she needed to help operate the existing, operational elevator. Although dressed in a leather micro-mini, spiked jacket & thigh-high boots, she obliged. The view at the top deck was fantastic! We could see both the Elliott Bay & Lake Union Fireworks simutaniously. The bar was closed, but someone had left a 1/2 gallon of Jose Cuervo Gold out for us, so we thought...We finished it off and ran down at least 18 of the 21 flights of stairs.