Thursday, November 8, 2007

When I die...

...bury me here please. We are back in Amalfi, it feels very dream-like. A tiny town built into the cliffs, KormaCurry & I stumbled upon this town in 2003 and never wanted to leave. We thought one day we would return, but did not know it would possible so soon, thanks to all of the cheap air carriers now. Lemon Groves, vineyards, epic sea views and rocky cliffs that plunge right into the aquamarine sea. The hospitality of the Amalfian people is neverending. Amalfi is where all of the Italian potter's live and create. All of the duomos are multicolored tiles and marble. The cliff towns are full of ceramica painted brightly with designs. The cemetery is high on a cliff with
24-7 candlelight... Need I say more?