Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Revelations of a Pack Rat.

Having spent the better part of my early 20's as a pack rat, I rebelled in my late 20's by purging & becoming highly organized. It all started when my friend loaned me her copy of the "Simple Living" Newsletter, out in print at the time and I was hooked... Tips for getting organized & creating a better, balanced life, by simply taking time to smell the flowers, enjoy the small things & never forget to remain humble and show appreciation for what you do have. I have been practicing the "simplicity" philosophy for quite a while now and it feels good.

The first step in living simply is to just realize that...
"The important things in life are not things" - Author Unknown

A few things I practice:
-Commune regularly with Mother Earth, could be a walk in your hood
-Don't overconsume, there is already to much shit on the planet
-Write a friend a letter & post it, remember stamps?
-Every item in your home or office has a place
-If you have not used the item in a year, donate to charity

Here are a few great sites for inspiration: